What Can You Do with NFC-enabled Business Card?

What Can You Do with NFC-enabled Business Card?

What Can You Do with NFC-enabled Business Card? 2501 1313 Efruz ÖZHÜSREV

More and more companies are starting to use NFC business cards and their popularity is increasing day by day in the current market. Is it only companies that use business cards? Many entrepreneurs, app developers, university students and IT professionals are coming up with ideas to develop value-added applications with NFC-enabled business cards and attract people’s attention.

But what exactly can be done with NFC business cards? Is NFC as good as everyone makes it out to be? This article looks at how NFC can help your business grow and attract attention through different applications.

What are the Differences Between Traditional Business Cards and NFC-enabled Business Cards?

As we all know, business cards have been used in business life for over a hundred years, carrying information on both sides of the card. The difference with NFC is that business cards now have a third side and this third side has the ability to carry a very rich data.

You can wirelessly transmit the information inside NFC business cards to any NFC reader. And unlike traditional business cards, you can personalize them anytime and any way you want.

Have you ever wished you had another card besides the one you use all the time? Sometimes you give it to a special friend, sometimes to a neighbor you just met in a conversation, and mostly to your customers and partners in business life.

You can use different applications to communicate the information you want to share. There are two ways these business cards are usually used:

  • Your information to be shared is stored on the NFC card. The business card is brought close to any NFC reader and exchanges the information on its chip with the reader. Here, the information transferred consists of a limited amount of data on the chip.
  • The second way is to open a link, for example to a website, which is loaded on the NFC card. In this case, the (theoretically) unlimited information on the website is available to the recipient and there are no data restrictions.
NFCakıllı kartvizit dijital kart Roxcard

NFC allows you to store a lot of data on a
small business card

What are the Uses of NFC-enabled Business Cards?

  • Registering a contact directly
    With this method, all information can be saved directly as contacts with a single tap, so the user does not need to manually enter details one by one
  • Save more than phone numbers, email and website addresses!
    With your NFC business card you can route all your social media contacts and email addresses online. Thus, the details of many of the channels you use, including Instagram and Facebook, are transmitted to the other party in less than a second.
  • Direct people to subscriptions or newsletters
    You can use referral pages to get information about a newspaper, a newsletter or a product you are promoting that week. With these links that you update at certain times, you will be able to address each person you meet with the most up-to-date information.
  • Direct to apps or games
    It’s my favorite way to get people to install mobile apps that you’ve worked so hard to get them to install, but can’t get them to install! Rather than giving potential customers the name of your app, having them write it down, remembering it in the future, going to the app store and searching for it or installing it, it’s great to be able to open your app or game on their phone with a single tap.

These are just a few of the things you can do with NFC. Apart from that, some businesses share promotional cards with discount codes loaded on NFC. With NFC, you can develop business cards with brand new concepts and give them simple but groundbreaking experiences in the eyes of your customers.

Let’s also talk about the relationship between the pandemic and NFC. For example, in the first months of the pandemic, while meeting with the manager of one of my business partner companies, I presented my traditional business card to her. However, she politely did not want to take it. She said that due to the pandemic, she no longer made such exchanges and that I could send her my contact information via e-mail. If I had a business card with NFC, I would not have been in such a situation and could have found myself in the other person’s phone book at that moment. By the way, yes, the tailor cannot sew his own clothes (at least at that time).

NFC kartvizit

Different sizes of data can be loaded on
NFC tags of different capacities

And believe me, with a business card with NFC, you can even attract the attention of people who would never be interested in your business card and let them experience this technology. And what happens? Maybe instead of being a business card that will be thrown in the trash after a few minutes, you will be registered in the other person’s phone book with all your information in less than a second. Isn’t that the whole point of carrying a business card?

I am attaching here a short but important video that can be described as an introduction to NFC. I suggest you watch it at the first opportunity.

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