RFID Paper Roll Tracking Solutions

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RFID Paper Roll Tracking Solutions

RFID Paper Roll Tracking Solutions

Altis RFID Paper Roll Tracking enables to track the various sized paper rolls to be processed by hygiene factories which manufacture diaper, toilet papers etc. High performance Altis RFID antennas can detect the paper rolls on the wide body conveyors while moving from cutting to warehouse.

Also, Altis RFID Paper Roll Solution merges the weight (from loadcells) and dimension data (from sensors) on the fly along with RFID EPC identification and can push this information to warehouse management systems without stopping on the conveyor. Advanced sensors and PLC automation systems work together with RFID infrastructure and whole system uses sophisticated Altis RFID framework. Without any operatör intervention, the essential data belong to the paper rolls (such as weight and dimension) with RFID EPC data goes to ERP and WMS.

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