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A Winning Combination for Snap Signal Solutions

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Altis Banner Engineering Snap Signal

Monitor Your Factory Data in a Snap

Altis has partnered with Banner Engineering, a global leader in sensors and wireless technology, to offer Snap Signal solutions for a variety of applications. Snap Signal solutions are modular and easy-to-install devices that enable wireless communication and control of sensors, actuators, and other devices in harsh or remote environments. By leveraging Banner Engineering’s innovative and reliable products, Altis can deliver customized and cost-effective Snap Signal solutions that meet the specific needs and challenges of each customer.

Altis, with over two decades of experience in industrial automation solutions, has consistently demonstrated its deep understanding of the industry. This partnership combines Altis’s experience with Banner’s extensive portfolio of industrial sensors and automation products. The result is a complete solution for IIoT connectivity, data collection, and analytics that can help you improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

Snap Signal

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Snap Signal Products

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