Weighing Automation Systems

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Weighing Automation Systems

Weighing Automation Systems

RFID technology has acted as a real game changer in weighing automation from the point of effectiveness and speed. Before applying RFID solutions, a typical weighing system uses plenty of paper and personnel. Good news is Altis Weighing Solution lets companies to work with less employee (or mostly no employee) in a faster approach. Our patented solution can be integrated with almost every weigh stations and get real weight data. This weigh data and date time stamp with RFID EPC data which means the track itself, is sent to any ERP or WMS systems. Don’t worry if you don’t store this information in your ERP system, or have an ERP system, we can deploy our proprietary software which has more than 15 reports.

Optionally, you can use Altis Weighing Automation Solution with volume determination module. This module lets you get not only weight, truck, date time data but also dimension of cargo on the truck.

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