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RFID, RTLS, Pick to Light Systems and Industry 4.0 applications

Altis has always challenged its accounts for better, smarter,
more optimized and sophisticated industrial solutions

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Altis Store is the leader IoT supplier provides the best RFID, RTLS, NFC and barcode hardware online.
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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Altis is providing companies by designing, developing and implementing RFID projects include both software and hardware.

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

We are proud to announce our unrivalled indoor and outdoor positioning solution
which offers superior location accuracy and long life battery performance.

Pick to Light Systems

Come and learn more about our Pick To Light solutions and
get ahead of your competitors.

Industrial Automation Systems

Altis makes your PLCs, SCADA systems and machines talk with each other,
talk and feed your enterprise software systems.
Just like Industry 4.0 way!


Industry Insights

7 Tips for a Successful RFID Project

The visits, we had done to our customers in the first years of our business, was not easy to handle. Only a few of the companies had accurate information about RFID Technology. Only some of them used to believe they could do frenetic things with RFID technology.

We Became Turkey’s Fastest Growing Company!

We are proud!
According to the 2020 Bilişim 500 Plus Research, Altis Teknoloji was the fastest growing IT company in 2019.

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