RFID Truck & Trailer Management

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RFID Truck & Trailer Management

RFID Truck & Trailer Management

RFID Track and Trailer Solution is the first and the oldest solution of Altis Teknoloji RFID division. Today, tens of thousands of tracks are equipped with Altis Windshield RFID tags which can resist to extreme high and cold weather conditions. Also, the RFID tags that Altis Teknoloji manufactured are temper evident, a feature which makes the tags non usable whenever a person tries to remove the tag from windshield.

For metal surfaces which is the same surface of trailers, winshield tags do not operate properly. That’s why, Altis has tens of different types of metal surface RFID tags. These alternatives are fair enough to be used for different kinds of trailers.

Advanced Altis RFID Gates is the most crucial component of Altis Track and Trailer Solution. One or two way direction (going in and out at the same time) does not matter. Even, manoeuvring of trucks near by the gates can be detected and dismissed by sophisticated RFID software platform.

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