With the Impinj R700 Firmware Update, you may improve your security and get new UI tools.

A firmware update for the Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader now includes enhanced security features and additional developer-friendly tools. Impinj R700 readers can now be used in RAIN solutions and RAIN data can be integrated into enterprise applications thanks to new capabilities in version 8.0 of the reader firmware.

The following are some of the new features:

  • REST API and web UI have been updated to provide new features.
  • Access to RAIN RFID data has been improved, and diagnostic logs are now available.
  • Security tools and settings have been beefed up.
  • Firmware version 8.0 is a significant advancement in Impinj’s software and hardware architecture, allowing Impinj partners to develop custom solutions that improve the performance and range of RAIN RFID applications in a variety of industries.

IoT interface allows for faster setup and development

IoT solution developers can use the Impinj IoT interface, which comprises a REST API and a web user interface, to simply configure RAIN RFID readers and connect data to enterprise applications. Users can customize how RAIN data is presented and supplied to external applications, as well as manage some RFID radio functionalities using web services or common protocols like MQTT for cloud-based applications. Customers with numerous locations will benefit from these cloud possibilities.

Version 8.0 offers enhancements that make certain functions more user-friendly for developers, such as:

  • Additional options for customizing the reader network, operating region, outputs, antenna hub, and power settings have been added to the online UI.
Warehouse RFID
  • Improvements to the device interface, host configuration, and default file transfer settings, all of which increase usability and security.
  • The Impinj R700 reader’s general-purpose outputs can be controlled via the API (GPO)

Impinj provides complete developer tools, documentation, and examples to assist IoT developers in constructing Impinj R700-based RAIN RFID solutions. The Impinj Developer Portal has been updated with new documentation and programming examples. The Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader may be configured and deployed for popular inventory use cases including smart shelves, portals, and conveyors using these resources.

Access to data and diagnostics has been improved

Improve system tuning and uptime by having easy access to reader diagnostics files for performance analysis and troubleshooting. The following are some of the new features in version 8.0:

  • Webhooks enable event-driven HTTP POST data publishing that can be configured by the REST API or the web UI, with communication status indication via the web UI.
  • The API provides access to diagnostic data as well as log file storage in folders.

Enterprise security tools and settings have been improved

Impinj has improved the security capabilities of the R700 reader in response to increased system security demands. The following security enhancements have been implemented to firmware version 8.0:

  • A new Certificate Manager has been added to the reader API, with support for loading SSL certificates, requesting certificate signings, and auto-updating certificates. The X.509 international cryptography standard is followed by the Certificate Manager.
  • Update to Linux kernel 5.10.49 Long Term Support, which includes security-optimized default settings and the most up-to-date security features.

Firmware upgrades for the Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader are now available for download.

Contact us to learn more about how an Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader and its associated developer tools will help you expand your solutions. If you want, you can check other Impinj RFID readers such as Impinj R420 or Impinj R220.