Barcode scanners are electrical devices that capture and decode the information contained in barcodes. Depending on the scanner model, these scanners communicate data to a computer database via connected or wireless connections. Businesses can use this data to decrease errors and improve operational performance across their entire organization once it has been transmitted.

Barcode scanners are categorized based on their functionality and form factor including handheld barcode scanner guns, 2d barcode scanners corded, wireless barcode scanners, wearable, and fixed mount barcode scanner. Each form factor has its own set of benefits and characteristics tailored to particular settings, applications, and industries. Industrial barcode scanners, which come in a variety of configurations, are appropriate for a wide range of industries and applications around the world, including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, groceries, and postal delivery services.

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Honeywell 1470G Scanner

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Honeywell HH490 Scanner

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Honeywell EDA51 Handheld Terminal

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