Unlike RFID Metal-Mount Tag, tags that are not optimized for metal surfaces will not work properly when you mount them to your metal assets. With RFID tags specially developed for the assets you want to track, you can perform your reading and tracking operations both easier and from a longer distance. RFID Metal-Mount Tags are much more durable, difficult to damage and easier to mount (welding, rivets, screws).

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Confidex Ironside Classic

Starting from $3.6560 + Tax

Confidex Ironside Slim

Starting from $4.9170 + Tax

Confidex Ironside Flag

Starting from $3.0360 + Tax

RFID Jewellery Tag – Standard

Starting from $0.0686 + Tax

RFID Metal Tag 95x22x1.25 mm

Starting from $0.4657 + Tax