RFID Tag Selection

RFID Tag Selection

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Various factors can be mentioned that affect the success of an RFID project at the beginning or not. Based on our 20 years of project experience, we can say that the most important among these factors is the right RFID tag selection.

So much so that whether there will be an RFID project or not may sometimes depend on the label technology. You will undoubtedly need to make many decisions when planning your project. RFID tag selection can be challenging due to the characteristics of RFID tags. It is important that you seek advice from experienced experts when making this choice.

RFID tags are produced with various features for different usage areas:

  • The variety of materials that can be printed,
  • Usage features,
  • Formats and standards used,
  • Whether it is washable or not,
  • The environments in which they can work (heat, humidity, etc.),
  • Whether it is transparent or not,
  • Like whether it’s stickable or not.

For example, it is critical whether the RFID tag you choose will be disposable or reusable.

Apart from the usage feature, the choice of active or passive RFID tag will be one of the main determinants that affect your project budget.

Determining the level at which you will label such as product, box, parcel, package can affect whether your project will be truly viable.

In this context, we would like to underline that label selection is an important criterion in order to provide your optimum RFID scenario. From the first stage of your project, it is of great importance that you constantly experience the label types, models and features in your field.

Contact us, let’s evaluate together which label you can use and where under the consultancy of our expert team.

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