RFID Special Tags

Omni-ID IQ 400P RFID Tag

IQ 400P HT

Confidex X-Bolt

Confidex X-Bolt

Confidex Viking Quuppa Bluetooth Beacon

Confidex Viking

Confidex Tire Label

Confidex TireLabel

Confidex Captura Flash

Confidex Captura Flash

Confidex Captura

Confidex Captura

Omni-ID Adept 400 5 layers US RFID Tag

Adept 400 (5 layer) – GS

Omni-ID Adept 500 RFID Tag

Adept 500

Omni-ID Adept 850 RFID Tag

Adept 850

Omni-ID Adept 360 RFID Tag

Adept 360

Omni-ID Pipe RFID Tag

Pipe Tag

Omni-ID Max Rigid RFID Tag

Max Rigid

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